Dream flags. Flags you see in your dreams. It sounds weird, but once you get exposed to people talking about flags thay saw in dreams, you suddenly also start remembering flags you saw in dreams.

Evil Flag - November 2021

I saw this flag at a protest on Václavské square. It belonged to some sort of evil ideology. Possibly associated with school shootings?

A black and white diagonal cross on a red field. In the middle bottom there is a black upside down T or maybe am upturned nail or a witch hat.

Flag from Polanball comic - August 2021

This flag was in a polandball comic in the dream. I don't really remember the comic but I think it was talking to Canada, and that this country was a former colony of some country (Britain?).

A red cross on a white field. There is a white circle in the middle and two yellow pyramids in the bottom left quadrants.

Flag the Japanese-Mongol Empire - April 2021

I saw this flag in a youtube video. It was explaining history but I don't really remember much. I guess it's a timline where the Mongols successfully conquered Japan. And then it's muslim for some reason. Also the weird shape was really indistinct and possibly moving in the dream. I tried recreating in with Artbreeder.

flag with three horizontal stripes: green, light blue and red. The light blue flag is significantly wider. In the light blue part there is a white crescent moon and star, and behind it a mysterious reddish and greenish round object that resembles a rotten tomato slice or a rotten piece of ham

Evil Flag - March 2021

In the dream I was on a train in Germany and then saw this flag on my phone and woke up. I think that the color of the bottom stripe is somehow significant.

A flag with three horizontal stripes: off-white, orange and burgundy. In the top stripe, which is wider, there is a yellow angry sun with orange eyes.

EU clones flag - Jan 2021

In my dream, it was revealed that the European Union created female genetically modified clones. Notable people exposed as clones were Theresa May, Judit Polgár, and possibly even Angela Merkel. I found out that I was also a clone, but a failed one, and had my genetic sequence leaked online.
This flag was a flag created by the clones. I'm not sure what the roman numerals on it were.

A flag with four horizontal stripes: white, green, red and yellow. The middle two are narrower. In each stripe about a third to the left there is a circle with an orange border. in the circle there are in order: roman numeral III., hope symbol from homestuck, VIIII., XIV.

Isolated fantasy country flag - June 2020

In my dream I was reading a fantasy book but then I got transported to the world it was set in. The country this flag belongs to was in the middle of a large continent and was surrounded by a magical wall that didn't let any foreginers in. In the book this country suddenly decided to conquer the world after centuries of isolation. Everyone in this country wore clothes similar to hanboks and large box shaped hats, sometimes decorated with this flag. They were also very powerful mages and the first country to invent photography in this world. For some reason this country was constantly compared to imperial Japan. There was an alternative version of the flag that had the Mojang logo on it, and another alternate version whre the colours were switched.

a weird purple colored symbol on a gross gold colored field. the symbol looks kind of like an upside doown Q with a comma on the upper left.

New nonbinary flag - April 2020

My friend who is nonbinary posted this flag on social media (that was like a combination of tumblr and facebook) along with an explanation of how the regular nb flag is problematic.

a flag with four horizontal stripes: violet, yellow, white and dark blue.