Neocities mutuals:

Cool Websites

The best part of every Neocities site is the part where it links to other, cooler sites. Here are a few random ones from my bookmarks:

  • WLW film reviews - Reviews of films featuring WLW. There is a lot more than I knew.
  • List of aesthetics on the aesthetics wiki; CARI list of aesthetics - Aesthetics are stupid. But they are also pretty. And there is a fucking lot of them.
  • Artbreeder - Generate images! A lot of people use this just to create generically pretty faces, but you can do a lot more.
  • Guess My Word - Guess a word based on what words are alphabetically before or after it.
  • Grave generator - A lot of what we know about past civilizations is from their graves. This generates a grave, and it's on you to imagine what the people who made it and who were buried there were like.
  • AI Generated faces - AI generated faces of people of various ages and ethnicities. It's got to be useful for something, right?
  • Queer SFF Database - Find queer sci-fi and fantasy. Useful for finding stuff with intersectional identities.
  • Recommend me a book - Shows you the first page of a book, and then you see the title after you read it.
  • Roqofages - A Gay Grandpa. An archived Geocities page of a guy basically talking about his life and what it was like being gay (in the US) at that time.
  • Aberdeen Bestiary - Medieval bestiary you can read online.
  • Random Spaceship Generator - Generates spaceship pixel sprites. Well like random symmetrical shapes.
  • Choly Knight Free Patterns - A bunch of free patterns, mostly for extremely cute plushies.
  • Wobblepaint - Make wobbly gifs.
  • A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems generator - An online translation and generator of A Hundred Thousand Billion Poems by Raymond Quenau - a set of sonnets that can be combined to generate more.
  • Splendidland - cool artist

Here on Neocities

Oops this is just my following list.


In my old bookmarks, there was a lot of homestuck realted ones, so here is a selection of some useful/interesting ones

  • Sweeps to years converter - I had this open literally all the time when writing my fantroll's backstory to make sure their ages made sense.
  • Hussie's sketches - An archive of Hussie's sketches on signed editions of Problem Sleuth book and also some he posted to deleted accounts mostly. Feat. Infamous Pointy-Eared Terezi.
  • Scalemate plushie tutorial - Self-explanatory.
  • Homestuck song comics - Lyricstucks are the highest form of art. This blog compiles a lot of the ones posted to tumblr.
  • Fantroll generator - A fantroll generator I like.


Here are the webcomics I keep up with regularly:

  • Sleepless Domain: A mysterious city is protected from monsters by magical girls. Something bad happens to a team of magical girls and the members have to deal with the aftermath.
  • Soil That Binds Us: Teens with powers escape from a facility and try to reach the resistance. They have to fight ghosts and also make friends with ghosts. Also there's rat called Garbage Drinker.
  • Path to Timbala: A girl travels to an anicent fallen elven kingdom to discover the truth about it. Along the way she meets others who are headed in the same direction for various reasons and fights the injustices of the kingdom.
  • Ava's Demon: A girl has a demon inside of her. Well it's the ghost of a queen bent on revenge against the megacorp that destroyed her kingdom. And she's trying to find the spirits of her past allies.
    Not really updating regularly and probably never will be.
  • Various MSPFA comics: I will not list them here now, because a) there is a lot of them, and b) I am planning on doing a big thing about them soon.