Aradia Megido ARADIA   MEGIDO pixel art of god tier aradia ghost aradia same pixel art
apocalypseArisen [AA]
sprite of alive aradia sprite of ghost aradia sprite of aradiabot sprite of god tier aradia
Aradia is my favourite character from Homestuck. Reasons:

art of alive ara with little ghosts in front of static
art of vriska and aradia. vriska is above aradia and her half is blue and shhe looks menacing, aradia is in the red bottom half and she looks scared.
It's a shame it had to come to this. You don't like summoning the spirits of the dead to settle scores.

art of ghost aradia with ghosts behind her on a red background. she is holding her hand towwards the camera.
art of ghost aradia sitting on a grave holding a halloween pumpkin shaped bucket. she is pulling down one eye and poking her tounge out.
panel of ghost aradia
AA: im 0k with it
AA: im 0k with a l0t 0f things
AA: even 0ur inevitable failure
AA: th0ugh it will briefly masquerade as vict0ry

panel of aradiabot's face. she looks angry. there is text in vriska's blood floating above her face: i know what i'm doing.
panel that says soulbot video log on the top. there are many aradiabot's, one in the middle, floating above the battlefield. meteors are falling around them. there is a blue to red gradient from top. panel of broken aradiabot parts floating in space. heads, hands, bodies, indigo blood. art of god tier aradia and aradiabot. on the left, god tier aradia is rising from green fire. on the right, god tier aradia is happily rising from green fire. on the right is a portrait of aradiabot's head, lit in orange. the two aradia's are covering parts of each other. god tier aradia
a panel of god tier aradia smiling in front of a white background

AA: i am very much alive
AA: and i intend to stay that way :)

art of god tier aradia sitting on top of a morgue freezer out of which ghost aradia is sitting up
panel of god tier aradia smiling crazily and leaning forward. the background is green and brown and sollux is visible on the edge of the panel
ARADIA: i think i mostly want to see what happens when this whole place breaks apart

I love lyricstucks. Here are a few featuring Aradia.

a two panel comic with a thick black border. the top panel has the words: 'and big' on it. there is a bunch of gold-colored aradiabots crowded together. the bottom panel has the words: 'and small again' on it. god tier aradia is standing in a field in front of distant buildings. she is looking down at her hands.