Welcome to the MarsOrgans website! I don't know what to say here.

Most images on this site have credits when you click them. There are also old Geocities gifs from gifcities.org.


Update 18.1.2022: Changed link colour back. Well not really back they're #ccfff33 now. Background color is changed from this to black. And added borders around containers. I hate how this website looks but I don't really know what I want it to look like.

Update 17.1.2022: Unlisted the Media log page. I realised I don't really care about logging anything else than books. Although a pge where I talk about webcomics may return? Also added Klara and the Sun to the Book log.

Update 15.1.2022: Working on secret page ;]. Added Witch hat atelier vol 2 to Media. I should oragnise that page better. Changed color from this one to this one. For the worse? I am feeling unsatisfied with the way this site looks. Separated Books from the media log and reformatted books. Probably need to edit the Media Log now. Ugh. Added more stuff to links site.

Update 7.1.2022: Changed background to stars (from here). Added this box. I should probably change the green I use to a slightly less eyeburning shade. Added descriptions to Somnivex page.

Update 7.1.2022: Reformatted Media Log slightly. Changed the name of the Aradia Shrine link to Aradia Megido because I remembered that there is a godess named Aradia, and this shrine isn't for her. Added a page with links to cool websites. Added more fanart to Aradia shrine.

Update 6.1.2022: The Aradia shrine... It's a work in progress...

Update 5.1.2022: Added Totoro and Three act tragedy to media log. Changed the CSS to be actually formatted like CSS for future edits. More progress on secret page.

Update 31.12.2021: I am spending New Year's Eve alone, so I decided to finally update the media log w Christmas movies + Don't Look Up.

Update 18.12.2021: New look. That doesn't mean I know CSS now. I used sad.grl online's layout generator. I guess I am looking kind of like a tumblr default theme blog. Also added An Unkindess of Magicians to the media log.