Site Updates

20.9.2023: More books yay.

3.9.2023: Person who is not going to update for 2 months voice: Big updates coming soon! Dump of stuff I read over holidays.

3.7.2023: I also read a single comic during exams season, so added that to Bookshelf. And I found a blogpost about my fave Cookie Run characters that I had unlisted for some reason.

2.7.2023: New section of website! Super Hero Universe OC World. Currently massively under construction with just copypasted descriptions form ArtFight, but I have been rotating these charcters in my head intensely and more is coming.

13.5.2023: Read A Tropical Fish Yearns For Snow.

10.5.2023: Links page is back and largely the same. Also the topbar has links in it again.

7.5.2023: Added Annabel Scheme to books. And a new somnivexillology flag!!!!

1.5.2023: Added Desdemona and the Deep and Stormsong to bookshelf and edited the thoughts on Astounding and I, Robot into some sort of shape. Trying some stuff with grid layout on newindex, sorry for live-editing as always. Page-split Bookshelf by year.

7.4.2023: Added Mrs Dalloway and I Robot to bookshelf. I have a lot of I Robot thoughts. (I need to paginate the Bookshelf the in-browser IDE is getting weird about it.) Also made lists have stars! (Have not checked if this works on mobile yet.)

23.3.2023: Added Witchmark to bookshelf.

23.3.2023: Worked on some hidden for now pages. I keep starting new projects.

22.3.2023: Partially fixed issuses with mobile index. Fuck iOs.

19.3.2023: Added Hráč (Player of Games) to books. Also rewrote the Fun Home thoughts since I was thinking about it again.

10.3.2023: Changed the index to look a little better. Not sure where to put the cbox though.

4.3.2023: Edited stuff a little. Tranlated alt text. Translated ancient Belle review.

3.3.2023: Added two books.

2.3.2023: Tried stuff with language redirects. I have to work on more Czech pages.

18.2.2023: Added lang and alt text and generally tweaked a bunch of blog pages. I feel like my alt text is kind of bad but hey still better than none.

17.2.2023: Did a fun little fan translation of a L.S. Dunes interview from a Czech news page. Also added lang attribute.

16.2.2023: Added (back) the navigation buttons to bookshelf. Genre categorisation is hard. Also tweaked word spacing, do you guys like it now? Testuju české verze stránek! Ještě to není finální ale tady je somnivexilologie a recenze mezipater v češtině.

4.2.2023: Added 2 books.

29./30.1.2023: Added 1 new book and readded a large amount of past books. Also translated the reviews for those, although tbh I had nothing insightful to say. You might be asking why I translated them, when I just got a Czech supporting font, well, big things are coming. Re-shuffled the index page and made it bare minimum responsive.

21.1.2023: Added 2 books.

15.1.2023: Changed font to Saira. Why the fuck was I using a font that doesn't support Czech characters before? Check this out: Příliš žluťoučký kůň úpěl ďábelské ódy. Also updated links page.

13.1.2023: Added epic thumbnail images to the blog page. On mobile the sidebar of bookshelf folderizes now. Fixed some typos in one of the articles. Also fiddled with this index page to make it more mobile friendly, but gave up for now, because it is fundamentally broken and I have to remake it.

12.1.2023: Made the other accent color purple again. Also made the blog directory page more mobile friendly. I swear I did that before already, but I guess I didn't.

11.1.2023: Added back images to Bookshelf. Also changed style in minor ways. I just remembered I had another somnivex dream like a month ago so new dream flag.

7./8.1.2023: Added reading goals for 2023 to Bookshelf. Also my first 2 "books" of the year. Made the menu section a bit less ugly

31.12.2022: Alone at home on New Year's Eve yet again. Added 4 books to Bookshelf (also renamed it to Bookshelf). Made this front page a bit uglier but also a lot more consistent.

9.12.2022: Added a few more links. Made this page 1% more functional on mobile.

8.12.2022: Added EX.mag #03 to books.

6.12.2022: Finally added some books from like 2 weeks ago

29.11.2022: Edited bio a little.

23.11.2022: Added a few more buttons on the link page. Also added some stamps/blinkies/buttons here to fill space. I need to get better color matching ones.

21.11.2022: Added two book reviews. Added pictures to Mezipatra review. Readded webring.

17.11.2022: Made the articles index nicer.

13.11.2022: Added a page reviewing movies I saw at Mezipatra. Added Sea of Tranquility to books. Fixed broken link on index. Tweaked colours.

4.11.2022: Finally split blog into pages. Yay. And also added back my old link page. So I think I am back to my live-editing ways.

3.11.2022: Back to the old me. New me sucked anyway. A lot of stuff is still under construction rn. College + newfound social life leave little time for my beloved website. Also added 2 books.

15.10.2022: Now there is a different video every time you load the page (lmk if you get "Not that kind of girl" bc it threw me an error message the first time but now it works???). Also changed somnivex icon.

14.10.2022: Re-added past blog posts and also somnivexillology. I have been really low on energy recently, not just beacuse of college, so I am sorry for very slow updates.

25.9.2022: My beloved books page has been returned! With some busted ass JS for now.

13.9.2022: I'm back bitches! New design, new a lot of thing. Read the announcement blog post.

29.7.2022: Mám názory na české fast foody.

26.7.2022: Added text to 2 books. Soft added a sewing page. I should really redesign the look of my website.

18.7.2022: I did the Mid Year Book Freak Out tag on my blog.

18.7.2022: I have a lot of nonsense to say about the Hiveswap Act 3 reveal on my blog.

17.7.2022: Added 2 books. I was planning on more but alas my sister is back therefore I have to go to sleep at a reasonable hour.

11.7.2022: I am back. With rambling about somnivexillology.

1.7.2022: Removed webring. Sorry guys.

30.6.2022: Přidala jsem Norské dřevo a Město a město do knih.

18.6.2022: Added The Fifth Season to books.

13.6.2022: Added Are Prisons Obsolete to books. Added a blog post about AI not generating the Onceler.

12.6.2022: Slightly edited the MCR blogpost. Added a thing about PAFL to my Vocaloid Fanpage. Yes I also forgot I had that. Added Zapadající Slunce to books.

11.6.2022: Saw MCR. Made a blog post about it

2.6.2022: I fucked up and basically deleted my index page. So I restored this from my downloaded backup but that backup is 2 months old. Other pages aren't affected.


14.4.2022: And we're back to normal. Added cbox to this page.

12.4.2022: Temporary new index page time! Happy Homestuck day guys! Dnes bude mladému muži dáno jméno...

8.4.2022: If you are wondering what is going on with these updates I keep deleting I am 1) making this page better/more responsive and 2) working on a secret page you will see in a few days.

3.4.2022: Joined a webring. Yes purely on the fact that they are based on my colour theme. It's pretty small so you guys should join too.

1.4.2022: Added Night Sky with Exit Wounds to books.

30.3.2022: Added Radio Silence to the books page. Added a thing about OK Soda to the blog. + added navigation to it (non mobile frienly for now :( ).

25.3.2022: Repaired the index page. Also the books page. And added Spalovač mrtvol to books. Finally added blog to the navbar.

22.3.2022: Fucked up the index page, idk. Made a blog section...

12.3.2022: Read 2 more books. It's spring break now so I will probably read more.(lie)

10.3.2022: Updated my links. Removed the comics page. (I seriously don't know what to do with it.)

3.3.2022: I was away for a little. Added The Word for World is Forest to books. A thing is coming, maybe.

21/22.2.2022: Added Armageddon ve slevě and Podivná kihovna to books.

19.2.2022: Changed my header/nav to use Javascript, based on Templaterr's updating topbar (that sounds like a D&D spell). So please if you are blocking Javascript in your browser allow it for my page I promise I won't hurt you.

18.2.2022: Added Tři rakve and Probudím se na Šibuji to books. Well like actually added them.

11.2.2022: Changed Navbar slightly.

9.2.2022: Reformatted Books and added Roses and Rot and Station 11.

2.2.2022: Added Za sklem to the Books log. Fucked around with the Comics page a bit but it's still broken.

27.1.2022: Added a sidebar with a poll and my button and other buttons.

26.1.2022: Sick at home so I am fucking around with a lot of stuff. Separated out comics from books. Made a W shrine. Finally made a button (see bottom of page). Added pics to books page.

25.1.2022: Added alt text to Aradia Shrine. It's kind of crappy, but better than no alt text. Added a header to every page.

23.1.2022: Added alt text to flags. Added Conversations with Friends to Books.

22.1.2022: Added alt text to the gallery. Now I just need to add it everywhere else. And also remove or fix the tables on my books page, because those are not very screenreader accessible.

21.1.2022: Added art credits to the Aradia shrine. I could not find the original artist for quite a few of the pictures sadly. If you know for any of them please let me know. Also added a header to this page. Well I did that like yesterday or some other day.

18.1.2022: Changed link colour back. Well not really back they're #ccfff33 now. Background color is changed from this to black. And added borders around containers. I hate how this website looks but I don't really know what I want it to look like.

17.1.2022: Unlisted the Media log page. I realised I don't really care about logging anything else than books. Although a pge where I talk about webcomics may return? Also added Klara and the Sun to the Book log.

15.1.2022: Working on secret page ;]. Added Witch hat atelier vol 2 to Media. I should oragnise that page better. Changed color from this one to this one. For the worse? I am feeling unsatisfied with the way this site looks. Separated Books from the media log and reformatted books. Probably need to edit the Media Log now. Ugh. Added more stuff to links site.

8.1.2022: Changed background to stars (from here). Added this box. I should probably change the green I use to a slightly less eyeburning shade. Added descriptions to Somnivex page.

7.1.2022: Reformatted Media Log slightly. Changed the name of the Aradia Shrine link to Aradia Megido because I remembered that there is a godess named Aradia, and this shrine isn't for her. Added a page with links to cool websites. Added more fanart to Aradia shrine.

6.1.2022: The Aradia shrine... It's a work in progress...

5.1.2022: Added Totoro and Three act tragedy to media log. Changed the CSS to be actually formatted like CSS for future edits. More progress on secret page.

31.12.2021: I am spending New Year's Eve alone, so I decided to finally update the media log w Christmas movies + Don't Look Up.

18.12.2021: New look. That doesn't mean I know CSS now. I used sad.grl online's layout generator. I guess I am looking kind of like a tumblr default theme blog. Also added An Unkindess of Magicians to the media log.